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Blog: CAD for Virtual & Reality

ITPG-GT 2086-001

Tutor: Ben



Part I: 

Create a fully functioning, animated Four Bar Linkage system.

Find the right curve.

The HORSE-CAM   智障自走马

I've always wanted to make some self-walking mini robots. As a filmmaker I found sometimes it's difficult to use dolly shots when you need one: rough or muddy roads, or inside small irregular places. 

So I came to this idea of small robots with legs, that with the right shape of the coupler curves the four-bar links make, they can somehow move and walk themselves. 

I started with simulating this with my pencils.


I tried to make the desired curve in Mechanical Expressions Tool. The cusp of the curve at the end should be good for before the foot to touch the ground. The only problem is that this is reversed, which I flipped it later in Fusion 360. I think it's the right way to go for the next steps.


Part II: 

Incorporate the purpose/function into your CAD model if it makes sense.

Some CAD time.

single leg


four legs (biological evolution)





adding a horse body and a camera to make sense

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