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An absurd MUJI style hotel project: a heater which needs the user to 'drill the wood' in order to be turned on.


A light installation which streams 24 hour livestream of the Earth from space by NASA.

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A VR experience that simulates the scene after death...


This Virtual Reality work is a journey to explore the oddity of the virtual and the real ‘world’.

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A complete audience experience of an exhibition designed for Sounds Of New York City (SONYC).

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Panning the control panel to change the electrical effect of the music & the color of the LED pillars.

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A selection of Wyatt's graphic design conceptual works.


A stop motion animation "KONO INVISIBLE MAN DA!".

gif kono inv.gif

This installation changes its dynamic of movement and color as users circulate around to interact with it.

YBURS-LYL-140200 -光蛹- 封面图.jpg

An animation which tells a story of a little boy's dream.

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Transforming spooky urban legends into a playful interactive experience of exploration.


A color tracking painting program made with P5JS.

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