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Blog: Visual Language

ITPG-GT 2005-001

Tutor: Su


Part I: 

Choose a design you like and analyze its system, hierarchy and typographic and color system.

Concision, uniformity and series of solution: HASAMI showcase


Poster: by Dejimagraph, 2016


Aimo Koimo Exhibition


This poster for the Aimo Koimo porcelain ceramic exhibition showcase does highlight the theme of the exhibition at the most eye-catching central position: the ceramics.

The centre part is formed with a steel-blueish background,  with several ceramic products lining in order, but loosely, with three symmetric small ceramic bowls sitting across the central axis of the poster. The other parts with white background and grey texts form a white layer covering the outside of the inner part.Visually it gives a clean look, as well as a focusing effect toward the centre of the frame.

hasami1 analy1.jpg

By simply dividing the poster with some lines, along with the boundaries it forms naturally; we see the harmony of such concise structure. So, in the whole picture it's rather symmetric and straight, but all these little grey text squares, Kanji or out-lined small parts make it both playful and clean.

hasami1 analy2.jpg

I also like the way it uses the negative space: Instead of highlighting the main theme with strong color or powerful contrast, it naturally forms the ceramics by cropping the white shadow from the white outer layer around it. It's another example of concision, since the main object is entirely formed with the poster's negative space.


Font: DIN Next Pro Bold

Grey color: #858585


Blue color: #1C4798


The constant font and color are used through the poster, as well as the final exhibition. Instead of using actual photos, the poster makes an artistic 'less is more' effect by putting the more abstract shapes to represent the ceramics on the ground all over the showcase.

I would consider it as a successful design, mainly because I believe that the content of concision, uniformity and color combination would fit the theme very well. It even has got a sense of Zen when considering the balance of the picture, and giving the audience the idea of the theme prior to the actual exhibition.


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