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Blog: Comp Media

ITPG-GT 2233-002

Tutor: Luisa


Part I: 

Create a sketch that includes (all of these):

- element controlled by the mouse.

element that changes over time, independent of the mouse.

- element that is different every time you run the sketch.

Work 1 title: More Explosions

Preview picture:

week2 2.jpg

Work 2 title: Changing Rects

Preview picture:


So basically I made two versions... I coded the second one, 'Changing Rects' first, making a sort of random & curving effect... 

Then I thought aesthetically it's not making too much sense, so later I made the other one 'More Explosions'. Both are by moving the mouse.

I think it's good practice in terms of using the for-loops and other terms to make the desired artistic effect.

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