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Blog: Physical Computing

ITPG-GT 2301-005

Tutor: Tom


Part I: 

Lab: Two-Way (Duplex) Serial Communication Using An Arduino and P5.js

Sending data from multiple sensors to a program in P5.js

In this lab, the concept of using multiple sensors: and in this case an accelerometer, has actually been used in the first assignment of doing the 'invisible piano' glove.

Since my accelerometer could not be attached to the breadboard directly, I soldered it to the x, y, z, ground, voltage output with wires; I accidentally dropped some hot spool onto the board, which eventually resulted some instabilities


In the Serial Monitor it still looked fine. However, when I started to move it, the readings started to move randomly, rapidly. Sometimes it even dropped to 0-10, but rarely. 

The circuit:


The next part is the communication with P5. 

After mapping the number of the reading, the outcome seemed controllable; or is it?

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