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Blog: Video & Sound

ITPG-GT 2001-003

Tutor: Gabe


Part I: 

Create a virtual sound walk, this could be informational, fictional, sensual, spoken-word, musical. It could be about infrastructure, architecture, people, or something completely different.

Please use a headphone :)

Click mouse left into the frame to start & press ESC to exit

Use WASD + Space + Mouse to move around


ps. Please use the link to play if it's too laggy 


Title: Harry Potter 9 3/4 Platform Sound Walk


A sound-walk built with Unity, attempting to imitate process of a new Hogwarts student (Harry) trying to find a way to enter the 9-3/4 Platform in the first Harry Potter movie.

Apart from the train station ambient sound or background music, we've also added sound from characters like Hagrid, Mrs. Wesley, Ron and Hermione when you walk by.


outside look: air-walls and light design


inside look: air-walls and light design

So basically, a model made in Minecraft is imported in the scene, and with certain collision boxes and airwalls, I kind of create a walkable path for player to explore.

The idea in terms of designing the sound walk is rather straight forward. Most of which are triggered when a player goes into the collision area. For example the only carriage a player can get into is the first one of the main train, and when passing by you can hear the voice of Hermione, inside the train which has a picture of the classic moment in the movie through the window.

Generally, a cool experience; an exciting practice on handling Unity & sound experience design.

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