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Blog: Animation

ITPG-GT 2002-002

Tutor: Marianne


Part I: 

Using StopMotionStudio, create a minimum of two (maximum of four) stop motion loops.

Title: KONO Invisible Man DA


The intention was to make several different short loops which can be converted in GIFs. However the outcome is a combination of them all which forms a storyline and lasts for... One and a half minutes. lol

Anyway, I think it's an interesting experience working with stop motion animations, and the editing process is fun. Please watch with sound. (better with a headphone) :)

Work Link:

A little thoughts...



When I was doing some initial thoughts about this work, I thought of many possibilities: combining with real objects & after effects, making something which don't usually move in real life movable, or some cool music MTVs...

Then I decided to use my Zen garden to do something out of it. I don't want just the ambient, but characters; however, due to its size it seemed impossible to put actors into it. Or maybe I could make toys? But that's also a bit too common. Then it came to me that I could make a concept of 'invisible man', who can only leave footprints: on the zen garden ground!

That sounds like a plan. So I put my phone onto the tripod, opened Stop Motion App, got settings done and ready to shoot. For this part the experience was very similar with my experience of filmmaking; which is all about light, composition and frame.

The narration part was actually the most difficult part. This reminded me of screenwriting, which can be extremely difficult if there's not a good story coming to you. At first I only thought of an invisible man walking around, and making a mess along the road. When doing the actual work, I felt that it's quite difficult to give the character a characteristic, when it's invisible. So I put more effort into the editing, with sound design etc. As a Jojo fan, I decided to put more Jojo elements into it, and gave it, in general, an amusing and elegant (somehow symmetric, I'm a believer in Minimalism) feeling to it. That's also where the title come from "Kono Invisible Man Da" (It's (me) Invisible Man) : (Kono Dio Da)

By the way the shooting process was not easy, I didn't realize that I was shaking my phone every time I hit shooting icon. Maybe a remote phone control can solve that problem. Now it's a bit blurry from time to time.

So yeh, in general I think it's a great practice, in terms of trying to understand animation and to tell a story using it in my own way. 

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