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Blog: Playful Communication

ITPG-GT 2974-001

Tutor: Brett


Part I: 

Find interesting research topics and bring at least 3 ideas to class, written on individual index cards

Idea 1: Food and Design


[“Design is a tool that could give students agency to think about what the food system could be,” says Fabio Parasecoli, Professor of Food Studies at NYU Steinhardt. In his course, Food in the Arts: Design, students consider how design influences the food system.]

From a general perspective to look into the individual food system, this research takes different angles from agriculture, import/export, production and consumption… 

So for me I think the key is for the audience to see and understand the different food systems around the world, the researchers’ & students’ thinking toward emerging problems.

My first rough idea is to make this into a farmer’s market form, that generally in different stalls we see the different processes of achieving the final product. Show the whole story as add-ons to the product itself, and make audience appreciate the food more.


Idea 2: Games 101


["Games are culture. They have always been a part of what it means to be human," says NYU Game Center director Frank Lantz. "Through games, we explore some of our most deeply rooted questions—life and death, good and evil, how we are able to manipulate the world and predict the future."]

I would think the pandemic as an opportunity, a challenge and a chance to rethink, for the game industry. For most other industries, the pandemic, shutdown, often means that we have less opportunities to experience them by yourselves, in person. However, when we’ve got more time sitting in front of our computers, we get more chances to actually play those games. 

So I think for an exhibition of games, nothing comes more profound than actually playing them. In this research, NYU game center students and professors are focusing on those behind the games, through the human game history to the future form of lives. 

I don’t have a such concrete idea at the moment, but I think I’ll focus on building the researchers’ ‘perfect game room’, that is open to everyone else to play in.


Idea 3: What Can We Learn from Octopuses? 


Or other recent research topics by NYU Animal Studies. 

I don’t know much about these, but I’m a huge fan of sea creatures, or ecosystem of the sea/deep sea. Some people say that we know more about the moon than the deep sea. And it’s most of the earth. 

I think the best way to present the exhibition is to create an immersive experience, as normal people would not have any chance to be in the actual environment, and we don’t really know how live forms are in that broad, fantastic sea. So maybe VR sets or immersive screens should be used, to show the creatures at the state of ‘living inside the sea’.

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